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Indo-European language

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This broad family includes most of the European languages spoken today. The Indo-European family includes several major branches; Latin and the modern Romance languages, the Germanic languages, the Indo-Iranian languages (including Hindi and Sanskrit) the Slavic languages, the Baltic languages of Latvian and Lithuanian (but not Estonian, the Celtic languages, and Greek)/5(2).

Spanish is part of the Indo-European family of Romance languages and is closely related to Italian and Portuguese. It is a major language with approximately million native speakers worldwide. Spanish is spoken in Spain; South America (except Brazil and Guianas); Central America; Mexico; Cuba; Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; Western Sahara; north Morocco; Equatorial Guinea; and some.

Identification. The Republic of the Fiji Islands is a multicultural island nation with cultural traditions of Oceanic, European, South Asian, and East Asian origins. Essays, Tables and Lists Language Families Languages are grouped together into families.

Languages belonging to the same family share common ancestors. This essay looks at some of the more common and important language families.

The most investigated family of languages is Indo-European. Two milliard people speak it. This language had spread in Asia, south Europe, Iran and India one million years ago.3/5(3). The Indo-European Language Family The Indo-European language family includes about languages and dialects spoken by about three billion people, including most of the major language families of Europe and western Asia.

Indo european family of languages essay help
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