Impact of vietnam war on veterans and families

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The Effects and the Reality of the Vietnam War as a

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The Vietnam War and Its Impact - Vietnamese veterans

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The Vietnam War and Its Impact - Vietnamese veterans

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The Effects and the Reality of the Vietnam War as a

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Veterans and their families: psychological

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Healthy can be disqualified as functioning well and therein lays the rub. Despite all of this, the Vietnam War has affected veterans and their families to an extent where several have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Even today, after more than 30 years, the after-effects of the Vietnam War, still remain. The Vietnam War and Its Impact - Vietnamese veterans For Vietnamese veterans on both sides of the conflict, the violence of war remained firmly with them for the rest of their lives.

For the victorious communist troops, the end of the war meant a return home to participate in village life and the rebuilding of a united nation.

Mar 11,  · A great number of veterans and their families will forever be captured in this black hole as its force can be too great to escape. Perhaps this is the enduring legacy of the Vietnam War. Download. The five million ARVN veterans (includingdisabled vets) faced difficult choices at the war's end.

Of theVietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam inapproximately 33 percent were South Vietnamese veterans who, with their families, chose to immigrate to the United States. Vietnam veterans and their families were affected physically and psychologically.

The physical effects can include a small scar to a large wound or death, and the psychological effects including a families mourning to chronic stress disorders endured by veterans. Besides the obvious physical effects of participating in the Vietnam War, most of the films portrayed how exposure to the War left lasting psychological effects in most of the soldiers.

Many factors during the Vietnam War combined to affect the soldiers' thoughts, emotions, and minds.

Impact of vietnam war on veterans and families
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